Hart Farm is a woman run farm nestled between the foot hills of the Berkshire Mountains and the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts.  Growing on less than 2 acres, Hart Farm is small yet abundant.  By using both traditional and modern growing practices, the farm maximizes efficiency with a small labor team and maintains beautiful and bountiful fields.

The farm uses non-GMO seed and grain and no synthetic fertilizers in order to maintain naturally organic and nurtured produce.

The farm sells delicious, clean and beautiful food (infused with good vibes) weekly, to the Greenfield and Tuesday Northampton farmers markets. In addition to local markets, Hart Farm delivers a monthly box-share service to members in New York City.  You may also find Hart Farm produce, eggs and flowers at local restaurants, groceries and at the Hart Farm store/stand in Conway, MA.

Mission: We believes that knowing where one’s food comes from and who is growing it is important in building social and economical integrity.  By growing healthy food and selling it in a community that we love, we strive to build a strong environment and encourage healthy living.  Our food is accessible to all.  We accept SNAP, HIP, WIC and Senior coupons wherever we sell our food.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 4.27.14 PM

Hart Farm was started by Anna Meyer in 2013.  Inspired by the beauty and history of her family’s land, Anna has invested in farming skills and in the rich soils of Conway, MA to build a farm that can serve the community.


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