Hart Farm was started by Anna Meyer in 2013.  Inspired by the beauty and abundance of her family’s land, Anna has invested in farming skills and in the rich soils of Conway, MA to build a farm that can serve the community and act as a gathering space.


The mission of Hart Farm is to produce food for friends, family and the local community and in doing so build an environment that welcomes those people to the fertile land that the food is grown from.  By using organic growing principles that encourage sustainable land management, the food that is grown is clean, safe and ethically created.  Through a diverse and creative expression of farming, Hart Farm welcomes everyone who is interested and/or enthusiastic about local action and community integrity.

Hart Farm grows food for local farmer’s markets in Western Massachusetts and for a small box-share distribution in New York City.  Through our farm stand we sell fresh produce and value-added goods.  During the growing season, we hold different events for social gatherings, educational workshops and hands on farming experience.

The Land

Hart Farm resides on the top of a hill in the small town of Conway, MA.  The farm site was once a large apple orchard which at this point in time, is visible by the few still-fruiting trees and many dilapidated ones.  Our new vegetable gardens are located on South Shirkshire Rd. on the land of an old dairy farm.  A soil survey of the land shows that the are is of good to excellent quality for farm use, which there is evidence of by the historical stone walls that suggest farming peripheries of years past.unnamed-7

Hart Farm utilizes three separate growing fields to comprise a total of about 2 acres.   By using organic growing practices, rotating crops and avoiding synthetic fertilizers and genetically modified organisms, the land is nurtured and continually enhanced.  Rotating our plantings with cover crops or “green manures” allows the soil to re-establish tilth and organic matter.  This practice allows the land to remain vital and the crops to be nourished.


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