NYC Box Share Program


Choose from a Full Diet box or an Original box and then choose to buy the full season or single month(s).

The “Original Box” includes an assortment of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, farm eggs, 1 preserve and bread from Hungry Ghost Bakery.

The “Full Diet” box includes the same amount of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, farm eggs, preserves and Hungary Ghost bread as the “Original Box” and includes local, pasture raised meat, artisanal cheese and an extra added good i.e honey, specialty organic grains, mushrooms.

*Vegetarian full diet boxes are available as well

Anticipated dates for 2018 delivery: June 17, July 15, August 12, September 9, October 14

We now have Venmo! Find us at conwayhartfarm.


Buy 1 month original farm box – $75


Buy 1 month full diet box – $110


The idea behind the Hart Farm box share program is that it connects friends and family of Hart Farm,  who live further away, to the origin of their food. We believe that minimizing the distance between the food eater and the food grower builds greater health and social integrity. Developing a personal relationship with those who grow your food as well as the land that grows your food is an important skill in understanding one’s environmental and social impact.

How the NYC Box-Share works: the box shares are  delivered once a month to those who sign up ahead of time.  The box includes produce, eggs and flowers from the farm in Conway as well as 1 preserve and local, artisan bread.

An example of what was included in last year’s August box share: mixed salad greens, rainbow chard, 3lbs of mixed heirloom tomatoes, carrots, baby beets, yellow onions, purple scallions, summer squash & zucchini, 2 cucumbers, fresh basil and oregano, farm eggs, flash fermented dill pickles, blueberries, Hungry Ghost bread and a bouquet of tansy, queen Anne’s lace and zinnias.

Information about the box items is shared with the members before delivery. Members have the opportunity to buy their box shares by the season or per month, allowing more flexibility for one’s schedule.  After signing up and paying for the share, boxes are delivered to members homes on Sunday (generally the second Sunday of the month).  All members are invited and encouraged to come to the farm site to enjoy farm events and parties, farm tours, camp outs, work days, etc.



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