Local Farm Box Delivery

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Enjoy fresh, local veggies, fruits, preserves, flowers, eggs, bread, cheese, meat and more! All conveniently delivered to your home.


The “Field Box” includes freshly harvested vegetables, herbs and fruits. [Amount supplies a household of 1-3 people for 1-1.5 weeks)

The “Original Box” includes an assortment of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, farm eggs, 1 preserve and local artisanal bread. [Amount supplies a household of 1-3 people for up to 2 weeks)

The “Full Diet box” includes the same amount of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, farm eggs, preserves and local bread as the “Original Box” and includes local, pasture raised meat, artisan cheese and an extra added good i.e honey, specialty organic grains, mushrooms. [Amount supplies a household of 1-3 people for up to 2 weeks)

*Vegetarian full diet boxes are available as well

Late season box share dates: 10/30, 11/6, 11/13, 11/20, 11/25 and additional “fill your pantry” extra delivery on 12/4

2021 delivery dates TBD.

Interested in joining us for the 2021 season? Please fill out the contact form below.  We are currently in the process of planning for next year and we will let you know when 2021 box share sign up opens.  Thanks!

Our last 2020 delivery will be on December 4th for those who make a “fill-your-pantry” order. This is an additional delivery to the late season box share deliveries. Customers will have the opportunity to choose bulk items from our end-of-season inventory list to stock up for winter.  Ordering for the “fill your pantry” event is now open!  Visit our online farm store to shop from our crop list and other products from local farms.  Orders must be placed before December 1st.  Home delivery in western Franklin and Hampshire counties will be made for orders over $20, all other orders can be picked up at the farm.

Delivery:  We deliver to towns west of the CT river in Franklin and Hampshire counties in western Massachusetts.  This includes the towns of Ashfield, Bernardston, Buckland, Charlemont, Colrain, Conway, Deerfield, Goshen, Greenfield, Hawley, Heath, Leyden, Rowe, Shelburne, Cummington, Worthington, Plainfield, Goshen, Williamsburg, Westhampton, Northampton, Easthampton.

Payment:  The fastest way to order your box is via Paypal on this page though Venmo, check or cash is better.  We also accept SNAP cards, check, credit or debit card over the phone.  Pay for your box at the Greenfield Farmers Markets or stop by the farm! Venmo at Conwayhartfarm.  Payments must be received by Wednesday before Friday delivery.

About:  Hart Farm Local Farm Box Program is designed to make fresh, local food accessible to all. We believe that minimizing the distance between the food eater and the food grower builds greater health and social integrity.  Developing a personal relationship with those who eat the food that we grow is important to us.   Building a direct connection between grower and consumer allows us all to better understand our environmental and social impact.

We understand that getting to the farmers’ market or the local grocery store can be difficult when living rurally. Though our western Mass. Population is spread out, it is a strong community that we are committed to supporting. We want everyone in this beloved region to enjoy the foods of the land and to lead healthy, sustaining lives.

We are proud to offer a financially accessible, convenient and flexible-schedule farm box program to the community that we love. You can expect high quality, freshly picked, delicious produce infused with good vibes and delivered with a smile.