Adjusting To The Times – Early Season Box Share

A lot has changed since our last communication and we hope that all are staying safe and healthy. As normalcy has quickly been pulled out from under us, we are spending these days on the farm to consider new ways of getting food to our community. In this hectic and confusing time, when the notion of “social distancing” separates us from one another, our community can still be strong. When feeling driven to fear seeing the empty shelves at the grocery store, or learning that your favorite restaurant has closed, remember that there are many local farms growing food right now, right down the road! Perhaps this global crisis will force us to look closer to home and rely on our neighbors.

At this time, it is uncertain what the future holds for many points of commerce, including one of our main places of income: our farmers markets. Luckily, we already have an alternate, familiar program at Hart Farm for getting fresh, local, packaged food to peoples’ homes. Our box share program minimizes customer contact with food and allows for a direct farm-to-consumer transaction, which we are able to make happen without social proximity.

We will be starting the box share program earlier than normal this year in order to make sure customers have safe access to local food and to guarantee stability for our business in these uncertain times. Deliveries will start April 24th instead of June 12th and will be made weekly instead of bi-weekly. We will be partnering with other local farms and businesses to provide options for bread, meat, cheese and other items like flour, beans and herbs to be included in the boxes.

This new early box share program we will be calling the “early season program.” You can purchase the full early season program on our website or pay per box. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we adjust our business to fit these transitional times. Now, more than ever we are grateful for your early support and commitment to Hart Farm. By purchasing your box share early you help us prepare for our season when funds are low. When our community engages and acts together, we build a strong local economy and fortified social integrity, even at a distance.

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