Tomatoes And The Late August Local Box Share

IMG_2103Slowly but surely our tomatoes are coming in. We have a beautiful array of heirloom tomatoes (purple Cherokee, pineapple bi-color and yellow brandywine), red and yellow slicers and a flood of cherry tomatoes. Tomatoes originated in Central America where they were named “tomatl” by the Aztec, Nahuatl language. When the Spanish came to Central America they quickly became enamored with the fruit and brought it back to Europe. From there, the popularity grew, especially in Italy where the name for tomato became “pomodoro” or “golden apple.” Tomatoes are a global treasure. With every juicy bite, it’s easy to appreciate the entirety of the season as well as the history of the seed.

The next local box delivery is this Friday, August 24th

This week, your box share will be filled with:
-Salad greens
-String beans
-Heirloom tomatoes
-Cherry tomatoes
-Snacking peppers

For our “original box” members, the above and:
-Hart Farm eggs

-Garlic and hot pepper infused olive oil
-Hungry Ghost Bread
-A bouquet of flowers

For our “full diet” members, the above and:
-Grace Hill Farm “Cheesecake” cheese
-Foxbard Farm ground beef
-Digestive/cocktail bitters from Botanica Apothecary

Please sign up for your box share by Wednesday the 22nd.
For more information and opportunity to purchase a box, visit our “local box share” page.

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