The Sweet Season

Sugaring season has finally begun!  Because of the extreme cold this winter, we got a late start (almost 3 weeks later than normal).  We have now collected over 100 gallons of sap and have boiled on 3 days.  Our new system, a 2’x4′ Leader evaporator and arch is proving to be MUCH more efficient than last year’s system.  With the help of friends and family, we are all learning how to use the new system.  It is great to have helpers to collect buckets of sap, stack/split wood, share a laugh in the sugar house and enjoy the early spring sun outside with us.

Everyone is invited to help and come learn about the sugaring process.  We are out at the sugar house on most days, depending on the weather we may or may not be collecting.  If you would like to come up and visit, email or call us!

Our first boil!
The new channeled pans create a gradient of sugar density.
Andrew collecting sap.
Alexis, Claire, Will and Micky help stack wood.

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