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We are actively looking for workers and helpers for the 2015 growing season.  Below are details on three different opportunities for experienced or inexperienced yet enthusiastic people.  Please email with submissions or inquiries.

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Sugaring Season Crew
Maple sugaring season normally occurs from late February to early April depending on the weather.  This year the farm will be expanding production.  We have bought a new evaporator and 50 more buckets (total of 100).  We would like to find 1-3 people to help during the full or partial sugaring season.  Work during this time includes: collecting sap, stoking the fire, learning about the boiling process and tending to it, chopping wood, bottling syrup, hanging out real hard.
Anyone is welcome to volunteer.  Experience is appreciated, but definitely not necessary. This is an unpaid volunteer position (that is quite sweet).  Sugaring season is a great way to enjoy nature in winter, learn about the maple sugaring process, get some exercise, to ease out of the cold months and to have an amazingly fun time with fun and funny people.
If interested please contact 
The Growing Season
We are looking for 1 person who can commit to the entire farming season (approximately late April-end of October) and 1-3 other people who can come for the high farming season (June-September ish).
The full season Assistant Grower would be part of everything Hart Farm.  This position is for a competent farmer who has experience and interest in working on a diversified vegetable farm that includes a flower garden, egg production and an emerging fruit program.  Work will include: seeding, planting, weeding, field cultivation, tractor work, harvesting, market prep, market vending, chicken care, egg processing, etc.  Work will be diverse.  
Room and board will be offered to this worker at the farm house and the worker will receive a monthly stipend (TBD). This position will allow for flexibility and offers the opportunity for one to develop a career.  The full season worker will be essential to a new, growing farm.
If interested please email with a resume and letter of interest. 
The summer worker position is open to one(s) who wants to participate on a farm and have less responsibility than the full season worker.  This position is for someone who can work 1-4 days a week with a flexible schedule.  Work will include: field work, weeding, hoeing, harvesting, veg. wash up, packing, egg cleaning, egg processing.  This is a work-exchange position.  Workers will receive weekly produce from the farm.
If interested please contact 

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