Helpers, Volunteers and Friends

At Hart Farm we believe in creating an opportunity for people to connect to the land, to the their work and to others.  It is important for people to come together and share their experience and their labor, we believe it builds a stronger community.  For this reason, Hart Farm holds open volunteer days on Thursdays and Fridays.  On these days anyone who is interested, curious or eager to help out may join us in the field.  On these days we will be harvesting, weeding, planting and doing farm projects.  It is great to have new people join in and share their knowledge and experience as well as their stories and jokes!

If you are ever interested in stopping by feel free to shoot us an email at  We’d love to see you soon!

Julia and Louise planting beans
Nora weeding the hoop house
Jeanie stops by for a visit and helps us with weeding
Jeff and Julia plant cabbage
Jeff and Julia plant cabbage
Richard and Jeff building the chicken tractor

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