ImageThe chickens are here!  After much anticipation, 59 Rhode Island Red and Isa Brown laying hens now inhabit the chicken tractor.  The chickens are young, between 16-18 weeks old (we like to think of them as teenagers), which means that they will be laying their first eggs in the next few weeks.  Once they are producing, we will expect about 35 dozen eggs from them a week.  Their eggs will be sold at local farmers markets, at our farm stand and to the NYC box share.

Even in the adjustment period after their recent arrival, it is clear that these birds are happy and healthy.  Their movable coop allows them to range free and graze all over the orchard while simultaneously fertilizing the soil for later plant production.  They are being fed local, non GMO grain and compost and of course, they have very nice humans taking care of them.


And now, we wait for eggs!

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